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grey coats it is for me at the moment.
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We heart


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Kusmi Tea Love

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It seems summer is bidding us farewell already. For me, arriving fall comes along with oversized cosy knits, soft cashmere and lots of tea to keep me warm. My favourite tea of all time is Kusmi Tea. The packaging looks divine and the tea itself tastes so good. For over 140 years now, Kusmi Tea has been offering exquisite tea blends to tea lovers all over the world. The selection provided is huge and ranges from various traditional Russian tea blends, flavoured tea blends to the recently launched wellness tea collection that includes the bestseller “Detox Tea”. I got the chance to choose my favourites via, european innovator of online flashsale. I decided to try spicy “Kashmir Tchai” & the classic “Sweet Love” and couldn’t be more happy with my choice. Yumminess never tasted better.
Make sure to pop by vente-privee on Tuesday, 9th September, where you can get a Kusmi Tea Voucher worth 50€ for only 25€. A great opportunity to get to know the brand or to stock up with your favourite tea blends.



it’s quite cold here in vienna already, so i’m in the mood for some coziness.
jeans / acne studios sweater / isabel marant (new collection) sunglasses / illesteva
bag / celine box bag (of course) shoes / no words needed


Vacation Staples

nbkuSoon I will be off to my happy place. Can`t wait!
Some of these staples sure will find their way into my suitcase.

Boho Shirt // NOA NOA via vente-privee
Cut Offs // Rag and Bone via netaporter
Céline Audrey Sunnies
Panama Hat // Maison Michel

Back on track

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pics: frenchvoguettes



santababyon my christmas wishlist.
1. speakers from mobi headphonies 2. pumps gianvito rossi 3. bra fleur of england
4. passport cover and trolley tag smythson 5. bikini marysiaswim 6. ponyflats schutz shoes
7. candle diptyque 8. sweater isabel marant etoile 8. candle and lamp tom dixon